What is the Equipment Used in the Extrusion Process?

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In manufacturing industries, the extrusion princess is an irreplaceable part of the production process.  It involves passing the raw materials through special equipment that helps to shape it into diverse dimensions with uniform cross sections for various utilities. In aluminum and metal industries there are different types of extrusion gears needed depending on the items being produced and the specific types of materials used.




One of the key equipment used in the manufacturing process of aluminum items is the extruder. This special machine has a barrel where the aluminum material is melted and softened. The motor inside the barrel rotates and pushes out this material, forcing it through the die. Extruders can be double or single screwed depending on the type of production.



The die is a vital machinery in which the material is pressed giving it the desired form and dimension. Dyes are designed in two ways, namely flat dyes, round dyes and custom shaped dyes, in order to suit the specific needs of the products. The die is usually made from hardened steel and may come with cooling channels or heating elements in order to determine the temperature of the extruded material.


Pullers or Haul-Off Units

They are an important component that ensures the speed and consistency of the process. They usually have the driven rollers or belts that grip the extrudate and pull it to the process line through the process line. The feeder speed is synchronized with the extruder output so that the products have the same dimension.


Cutter or Saw

When the extruded product has attained the wanted length, it is sliced to the desired size. Industrially, cutters or saws are used to cut the extrudate into individual pieces accurately. These cutting utensils can be attached to the extrusion line or be a standalone unit.


Control Systems

Control system acts as a sentinel, which constantly monitors and controls process parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed and product dimensions. Sophisticated control systems could include sensors, actuators and feedback techniques that fine-tune the production effectiveness and quality of products.


Feeding Systems

Feeding systems help to convert materials into pellets, powder or granules as they go into the extruder for molding and casting. They are designed to help ensure consistency for the materials going into the extruder barrels and cannot be eliminated from the production process of aluminum profiles.


Auxiliary Equipment

The ancillary equipment selection will be based on the process needs of the extrusion line. It can be in the form of material handling systems, mixing units, heating or cooling units, filtration systems and other post extrusion things like embossing or coating.

This customized equipment is mainly used in the first stage for heating the aluminum billets and it’s guiding them to the extrusion machine. It includes a circular feeding conveyor belt, hot shears, a furnace, and an electric control machine. The process starts with aluminum billets going to the furnace through the transport rack.


After the billets are heated, hot log shear is used to shear them before being pushed by the extrusion press. Newer models of extrusion presses come with the benefits of alleviated aluminum waste, better production efficiency, energy savings and ample flexibility of billet replacement.