36MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Equipment

Structure: Short stroke rear loading(12.5MN-60MN) Aluminum Rod Size:Φ305/1400mm Outlet Size:Φ330/450mm Aluminum Extrusion Machine Wangeshi has been dedicated to fixing typical technical troubles and bringing new surprises to international aluminum extrusion producers via continuous technological innovation.
Product Description

Wangeshi aluminum extrusion equipment is primarily used in high-end aluminum profiles such as car lightweighting, new electricity vehicles, and solar.

They are utilized in solar frames, constructing materials, army, and aerospace.

Parameters of 36MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Equipment

1. Extrusion press: (600T ~ 20000T);

2. High graph accuracy, controllable extrusion speed accuracy (0.1MM);

3. Mature shape and low failure rate;

4. Fast gear response, excessive efficiency;

5. much less idle time ;

6. Available DFEN device to gain the purpose of power saving, noise discount, and much less consumption;

7. High diploma in automation and intelligent production, lowering necessities for operators and protection personnel;

8. Aluminum extrusion complete line.

Feature of 36MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Equipment

Quick exchange extrusion barrel machine.

25MN-23 挤压机 (40).jpg


The aluminum extrusion system can rapidly exchange the extruding rod, limit the duration for changing the extruding rod, and enhance the extruding efficiency.

Note: All products can be designed with extrusion machine structures and processes according to customer needs, such as short-stroke front rod feeding, short-stroke rear rod feeding, long-stroke rear rod feeding, forward, reverse, single action, and double action extrusion processes.

One thing many people want when it comes to their aluminum extruder is a machine that gives them the best returns when it comes to productivity. With the 36mn high efficiency aluminum extrusion machine, you do not have to worry about that. You can easily increase the rate of your production and ensure you make the most out of a single process.


Working with this machine ensures that your production levels stay high throughout the entirety of its use. If you are pressed for time or want to produce items in large quantities, then this is the machine you should get.  Previous users do attest to the fact that it is highly efficient and uses up way less power than most machines in the market. With this extruder, you will be getting value for your money.


The uses of the extrusions made from the machine range from construction to the aerospace industry.


As such, there is room for collaboration between these different companies. Simply figure out what you want to make before the process starts. It helps put things in perspective and will ensure you make the best choice when buying the extruder. It also ensures that you can figure out how many extrusions you can do in a day.


Getting a quality extruder will go a long way to ensure that your production line moves swiftly.


There are so many different options in the market that it is easy for one to get conflicted over what will work for them and what will not. The first thing you need to do is figure out what your needs are. Once you do that, you can then get around to looking into extruders that can help you meet those needs. You can also check out the specs in our catalog and see if the extruder in question will work for you or not.