Engineering Technology Center

Wangeshi has set up a technology R&D center at the early stage of its establishment and was certified as "Engineering Technology Center" by the government. With more than 20 years of technology accumulation, Wangeshi Machinery has established a professional product technology research and development team.

The technical Staffs of Wangeshi Machinery are all from professional technical colleges and universities, who not only have rich production experience, but also have professional theoretical education in mechanical engineering and automation, product design, CNC and other fields.

Research and Development

The team focuses on the research, design and analysis of new materials and technologies for aluminum machinery and equipment, and has obtained a number of patents. In response to the different technical requirements of customers, we provide one-stop localized services from product configuration to production landing.

While serving customers, the company actively cooperates with universities to provide a continuous supply of talents for the company to make breakthroughs and pursue excellence in the development of high-end aluminum machinery and equipment.