Best Aluminum Extruders from Wangeshi

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With every ounce of aluminum extrusion, the right extruder is key to success. And Wangeshi is making the extruders of your dreams manifest in broad daylight. They are becoming a shortcut to quality, customer satisfaction and time management. But before we touch on their best extruder, let us see why you get to choose them, shall we?


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Why Choose Wangeshi Extruders?

First, Wangeshi is moving with technological trends, which means innovative extruder design for outstanding performance. Their extruders are supposed to be quick, precise and efficient with automated functions. They are about cutting down expenses, energy consumption and manufacturing efficiency.

Then, it gets to customization as this extruder can be tailored towards specific needs. You can modify the extruder features to bring out intricate geometries and profiles. Whichever conceivable design you have in mind, these extruders can make them manifest.

Having spent two decades in the industry, Wangeshi’s reputation has made it a trustable brand. Besides, they have sold over 88,000 thousand extrusion devices. Additionally, there are over 900 brands that trust Wangeshi’s products. This is further cemented by their dedication to constantly research and develop extrusion solutions intertwined with current technology.

 Their team is a league of top graduates from famous Chinese universities and colleges, and it’s dedicated to accurately and reliably producing functional extruders. Wangeshi has something in store for you, be it the standard or customized presses.

Finally, Wangeshi puts you as a customer first. They value timely delivery and can work with you on specific extruder calibration or customization.


Top pick: Wangeshi's 15MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Press

Currently, there are three extruders from Wangeshi, but the spotlight is focused on the 15MN press. And it's efficient with any extrusions. It’s poised to deliver top-notch results in the automotive, photovoltaic, and architectural fields.

Specifically, the 15MN was created to address technical, accuracy and quality issues, and you can see by its parameters below.



The 15MN press range makes it above the competition. It’s expected to accommodate extrusion weights within 600 to 20,000 tons. As a result, it comes through as flexible enough, no matter the requirements of your extrusion. As for speeds, it's setting the bar with a 0.1mm accuracy. Given that the speed can be controlled, it is the best you can ever get in top-notch extrusion devices in the current market.

And how about a low failure rate? This is a chance for you to leverage an extruder in a way that allows you to get highly efficient and productive. What's more, there is no idle time which makes the 15MN boost the extrusion output pace to the maximum.

Finally, Wangeshi incorporated 15MN with a DFRN system. It’s supposed to reduce energy consumption, kill the noise and, in return, put you a step closer to sustainability.


Smart and Automated Production

15Mn automation and smart features put on display  Wangeshi’s focus on technological advancements. The 15MN allows you to reduce the time you spend on the extruder when it's running. You can just run it on a program as long as the dimensions, weight, profile design and geometries are checked. 

15MN capabilities can also be optimized during the extrusion. As such, you can achieve high speeds, top-level accuracy and consistency. You got a repeatability function since you used the extruder earlier, right? Now, if you have to produce a similar profile, you must check where the extruder saved your work's progress and use the same setting. The results? you get consistent and accurate profiles promptly. It’s all about mimicry.


Swift Barrel Device Swap

It’s always difficult to swap out your extruder's barrel. If you are dealing with other extruders, this will take you hours. Yet Wangeshi offers their extruder with a barrel mechanism that runs on an independent electrochemical controller.

Its motors are sprocket drive. And it's set to run the smaller gears to move the snapping device to the phase buckle position. As such, changing the barrel and reconfiguring the extruder back to working mode is fast and efficient.


Take Away

Wangeshi's 15MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Press is not just changing the extrusion industry. It makes production easy, sustainable and cost-friendly. From quick barrel changes to automation and repeatability in production, it's the market's best extruder.


Wangeshi's 25MN High-Efficiency and Energy-Saving Aluminum Extrusion Press

With the bar already set by the 15MN, the 25 MN extruder also adheres to the same precision, efficiency, and energy conservation standards.

It also redefines possibilities in automotive, new-energy vehicles, solar photovoltaic frames, building materials, military aerospace manufacturing, and beyond. Let us check on some of its features and why it’s considered amongst the market's best.


Wide Range Extrusion Press

The range of extrusion with this device is set between 600 to 20,000 tons. Wangeshi offers a diverse range of extrusion press options that can cater to various manufacturing requirements. The wide range makes it formidable for different manufacturing specifications. 


High Design Accuracy, Controllable Extrusion Speed Accuracy

With most extruders, if they are fast-paced, then they are not accurate, and if they got it all, controlling it may be hard. Yet  Wangeshi's aluminum extrusion press design succeeds in all of these aspects!

You get the accuracy that precision allows you to achieve desired profiles. At the same time, the controllable extrusion speed accuracy of 0.1mm guarantees your extrusion precision and consistency of results. It makes it easy to adhere to and remain compliant with the industry’s most stringent quality standards.


Mature Structure and Low Failure Rate

The 25MN extruder comes across as a reliable and consistent machine. So far, tests that have been run and consumer reports show a low failure rate. It minimizes the downtime and maximizes your productivity.


High Degree of Automation and Intelligent Production

Wangeshi is ever-moving with technological trends. And now its 25MN extruder is running on automation and smart functions. It reduces the overdependence on human labor in both operation and maintenance. At the same time, its guarantees cost-savings, repeatability, accuracy and consistency in production


Aluminum Extrusion Whole Line

Imagine getting a whole production line in one extruder! Wangeshi’s 25MN is just giving you access to it. Their integrated system ensures a seamless workflow from your production starting point to finish. It optimizes the efficiency and quality of your productions.


A Quick Change for Barrel Device

Wangeshi 25MN extruder has a barrel mechanism that runs on an independent electrochemical controller. The 25MN extruder motors are sprocket drive such that it runs the smaller gears to move the snapping device to the phase buckle position so you can access the extruder rods. It's, therefore, fast and efficient to change the barrel and reconfigure the extruder back to working mode.


Take Away

The 25MN extruder is designed for energy efficiency, sustainability and higher accuracy levels. It's super speedy, with an accuracy of 0.1mm above the current market standard for extruder speed accuracies. With it, you can achieve new heights in productivity, consistency, less human labor requirements and environmental responsibility.


36MN High-Efficiency and Energy-Saving Aluminum Extrusion Press

36 MN features on this list as another breakthrough and innovation from, Wangeshi. It's targeted at revolutionizing the field of high-end aluminum profiles. But the uses, for now, surpass automotive lightweighting, new energy vehicles, solar photovoltaic frames, building materials, military applications, and aerospace engineering. Let's check on its parameters.

Extrusion Press within limits of 600 ~ 20000T

With more than 160 extrusion press options from 600 to 20000T, the Wangeshi aluminum extrusion machine provides an array of manufacturing demands. The size scale can vary from a small-batch project to a large industrial goal. Either way, this extrusion press assures exceptional function and extraordinary output.


Controllable Extrusion Speed Accuracy (0.1MM)

While speed and accuracy aren't easy, the 36MN press helps you achieve all of it in one go. Its accuracy down is set to 0.1mm. It's unmatched such that it may help you create the most intricate and detailed aluminum profiles. As such, it's easy to meet the demands of even the most challenging applications.


Mature Structure and Low Failure Rate

Wangeshi aluminum extrusion press has been crafted with great precision and careful engineering for reliable and durable performance. This product enjoys a low failure rate, so manufacturers can enjoy uninterrupted production, minimizing downtime and maximizing results.


Fast Equipment Response and High Efficiency

If you are wondering if you can make timely deliveries,  the 36MN extruder is a solution that caters for speed needs. It's designed for fast equipment response, which ensures swift and seamless operations.

Coupled with a higher efficiency capability, it is set to optimize production output and accelerates the manufacturing process. In return, it saves time and resources.


Less Idle Time

Idle time depreciation is one of the key issues in implementing an efficient manufacturing process. Wangeshi's 36MN extrusion press has been designed to minimize idle time, allowing manufacturers to exploit a continuous and uninterrupted workflow.

This feature allows maximum exploitation of resources and provides optimal production efficiency.


DFEN System: Energy-Saving, Noise Reduction, and Lower Consumption

As the world aims to go fully green in manufacturing processes, Wangeshi's 36MN extruder puts you closer to sustainability. It comes equipped with the DFEN (Dynamic Frequency Energy Saving) system.

As a result, it can reduce energy consumption and contribute to noise reduction. Generally, it's a passage to a more environmentally friendly and operator-friendly production environment. Also, the DFEN system is a testament to Wangeshi's focus on energy-saving innovations that minimize waste and promote sustainable manufacturing practices.


High Degree of Automation and Intelligent Production

In a period of Industrialization 4.0, automated and intelligent production are necessary fixtures. The Wangeshi 36MN extrusion press is an automation-produced machine accounting for cutting-edge technology, reducing its reliance on manual labor and simplifying the production process.

It is one of the pieces of equipment with a high degree of automation; therefore, it not only enhances efficiency but also decreases the requirements needed for skilled operators and maintenance personnel, thus optimizing the allocation of the workforce and consequently improving the overall level of productivity.


Aluminum Extrusion Whole Line

Wangeshi offers a holistic aluminum extrusion whole-line solution, which exceeds the market's limits by providing all requirements, from initial extrusion to finishing aspects. This integrated system guarantees an efficient and effortless process cycle, relying on data in all stages.

Enterprises can trust Wangeshi around the experienced commercial team to ensure business success through corporate strategies, reaching target sales volumes with utmost quality control levels.


Quick Change Extrusion Barrel Device

It is always challenging when you have to change the barrel of an extruder. If you are dealing with other extruders, this will take your days away. Wangeshi offers its extruder with an onboard barrel mechanism that runs on its independent electrochemical controller.

Its motors are sprocket driven. And it's set up for running the smaller gears to move the snapping device to the phase buckle position for easy access and quick barrel replacement.


Wrap Up

Thanks to Wangeshi’s great deal of dedication toward tackling traditional technical issues and delivering new surprises for aluminum extrusion manufacturers globally, their aluminum extrusion machine is a testament to commitment.

They are mainly designed as equipment to effectively moderate high-end applications such as automotive lightweighting, new energy vehicles, solar photovoltaic frames, building materials, and military and aerospace sectors. These newly developed machines set new standards for performance and reliability worldwide.