What is Aluminum Extrusion Press?

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In addition to its many other advantages, aluminum's environmentally friendly properties make it a valuable material in many industrial sectors. However, aluminum alloys come in various sizes and shapes, making forming equipment like the aluminum press necessary for different extrusions and complex customizations. 

Thanks to aluminum's malleability, designers in the metal industry can create unique aluminum profiles using the aluminum extrusion press. This machine determines the effectiveness of an extrusion process, making it the most essential equipment in the extrusion process. Scroll down for more.


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What Is An Aluminum Extrusion Press?


This is where all the 'magic' happens. An aluminum press is a production equipment where the aluminum extrusion process takes place. Aluminum extrusion is a process that involves pushing material into a die shaped according to the final product's specifications. A ram pushes the aluminum through the die and then exits through the opening of the die. 

When this occurs, it takes the die's shape and is pulled along a runout. The extrusion press’s function is pretty straightforward, and to understand it better, just think of it as a toothpaste tube; when squeezed, the paste takes the shape of the opening (think of it as the die) as it comes out.


Parts of An Aluminum Extrusion Press


How does an aluminum press work? To answer this question, let's look at the parts of an aluminum press and how their respective roles.

Main Cylinder- These parts (chamber &cylinder) of the extrusion press cylinder house a hydraulic fluid that powers the pressure and motion of a press's ram.

Hydraulic Pressure- This is the pressure required to set the ram in forward motion at Pounds Per Inch Squared. 

Ram- A steel rod is attached to the main cylinder with a dummy block on the end that enters the container and applies pressure to the billet.

Dummy Block- The steel block is tightly fitted onto the ram of an extrusion press's stem. Its main job is to seal the billet in its container, preventing backward metal leakage.

Billet- These are the extrusion materials in the form of pieces of aluminum log that have been cut to the correct length and placed through a press.

Container- This chamber is a part of the press that holds the billet in place as it passes through one side of a die by a ram and dummy block. The container is housed in a container enclosure, while a liner inside each container keeps the billet from rolling around during the extrusion process. 

Tool Stack - The  Solid extrusion components include the backer, sub-bolster, bolster, ring, and die, while the parts required for hollow extrusion are the die, die cap, bolster, sub-bolster, ring, and mandrel.

Die Holder- This part houses the tool stack.

Die Lock- Secures the die in place.

Billet Oven- The extrusion process temperature is reached by heating the logs or billets in a press. Some presses have log ovens, and some use billet ovens, both used with log shears.

Log Shear- In extrusion processes where the press has a log oven, it is used to chop logs to the proper length for billets.

Butt Shear- This part trims off the unextruded part of the butt after the extrusion round. After the ram drives, the billet has been driven through a container by the ram, and the oxides settle in the butt.

Die Oven- The oven heats the dies for six hours until it reaches 70 degrees -900. 

Degrees Cradle- Keeps the billet in place as the ram forces it into the extrusion machine.

Press Loadout Table- This part of the press is a supporting table between the run-out table and the die.

Run-Out Table- Extrusions can be guided and supported by the table at the press's lead-out equipment's exit.

Back/Front Press Platen- These are the two parts of an extrusion press.

Tie Rods- Press plates on both ends are joined by tie rods.

Canister- Aluminum extrusions are guided out of the die with the assistance of a canister. It can be used in any press because its hole count matches the dies. However, they are expensive and complex to work with.

Platen Pressure Ring- Finally, the die stack is supported by a ring of hardened tool steel placed in the platen. The main cylinder exerts pressure on the ring, resulting in stress and wear that eventually requires replacement.


Take Away


An aluminum extrusion press allows manufacturers to produce reasonably priced aluminum products that are high quality, efficient, and look the part. This extrusion technology can make extrusions as short as one millimeter and as long as several feet, depending on the type of extrusion process. Wangeshi is here to help with all your aluminum press needs. Call us today!