How to choose the tonnage of aluminum extrusion press?

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Aluminum is one of the most common construction materials in today’s world. Initially, other building materials, like steel and iron, were highly preferred. Over time, however, aluminum took over as the leading construction material.

If you consult a construction expert, you’ll see why aluminum is so dominant. Moreover, if you are planning on building a residential or commercial building, you’ll also have an idea on what the best material for you is.

So, why is aluminum a common material in construction today? Additionally, if you’re going to use an aluminum extrusion press, what is the maximum tonnage you can use on the machine? Read on to learn more details on how to choose the tonnage of the aluminum extrusion press.


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How is aluminum used in construction? 


As previously mentioned, aluminum is one of the most used materials in many construction zones. The material has myriad uses and can be altered in countless ways to meet your needs. Whether you need prefinished aluminum sheets, coils, blanks, aluminum composite material, curtain wall panels, sheet metal fabrication, or other aluminum accessories, Wangeshi has you covered.

In broad terms, aluminum can be rolled, extruded, or cast to produce your preferred items. Below are a few of the common uses of aluminum products in your construction project;


Fenestration casing profiles


These are majorly windows, doors, and other openings in a house. While aluminum is light, it is also strong and flexible enough to fit in tight places. The fenestration profiles are very easy to extrude and can be provided on-site with specific measurements.


Façade cladding


External facades have to be placed on the exterior of the house. As such, they are susceptible to weather hazards. A sturdy material is required for the cladding. Aluminum is used for both its sturdiness and aesthetic appeal.


Curtain walls and structural glazing


Corporate structures in recent times have been using glazing facades significantly. Aside from acting as an efficient heat absorber, aluminum is also sleek enough to fit current and future commercial building designs. Buildings that also use aluminum curtain walls have better lighting effects during the day.


Lightweight partitions


If your building requires sudden alterations or segmentation, you’ll need a durable yet high material, like aluminum partitions. These partitions are sleek, fit into most designs, and can be installed in almost any part of the construction project.


Aluminum shutters


Cladding is an essential part of the construction process. Suppose you use aluminum shutters during cladding. You can virtually forget about replacement or regular maintenance procedures.


Other common uses of aluminum in the construction industry include long-span roof systems, electrical transmission towers, corrosive environment structures, and limited maintenance structures like masts, ladders, and antenna towers.


Determining the right extrusion machine for aluminum profile extrusions


The tonnage required by your extrusion machine is measured against the size of the extrusion pressure and the indicative extrusion pressure. In common settings, the tonnage ranges from 500 to 2500. In simpler terms, if you have a large extrusion specification, you’ll produce bigger diagonal aluminum profiles.

There are countless different types of extrusion presses. These can be generally divided into large, medium, small, and heavy presses. The indicative classification depends on the extrusion capacity each press can comfortably manage. Generally, these extrusion presses can be broken down into their various tonnages. These include 500t, 600t, 800t, 1000t, 1200t, 1350t, 1600t, 1800t, 2000t, 2400t, and 2800t.

Various alloys containing aluminum metal are easier to work with in the extrusion process. As such, this process becomes faster for the construction contractors and pocket-friendly for the project owner. With easy consolidation of different parts, you won’t have a need for a secondary joining process.

Before using any type of extruded aluminum, it’s vital for your construction team to have a clear understanding of the series of alloys. The most important spectrum ranges from 6000 series alloys. 6063 and 6061 are especially important alloys, regardless of the project scope.


Choosing the right tonnage of aluminum extrusion presses


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