How Many Types of Extrusion Machines Are There?

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Extrusion machines play a significant role in most manufacturing industries. So much so that products supplied to the market are often classified by the extrusion method or material; extruder machines can be used to make aluminum extrusion, plastics, rubber and pipes. Various extrusions are used in manufacturing, but the two mainly used for aluminum extrusion are the single-screw extruder and double-screw extruder. Read on!


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What Are Extrusion Machines?


Extruders are machines used to form different materials. The extruder machine is used alongside other feeding, de-airing, and cutting equipment, and they come in a wide variety; therefore, familiarity with each type is essential.

These machines are important in manufacturing intricate shapes and section sizes that would require more than traditional manufacturing methods. This extrusion technology can also be used to produce lightweight yet robust structures.

For this reason, Manufacturers all around the world are reaping their benefits. This process has transformed the manufacturing business; hence as the aluminum extruder industry expands, new, improved models are emerging in the market.


Main Types of Extrusion Machines


Single Screw Extrusion Machine


A screw extruder is designed to extrude high-viscosity materials, like aluminum alloys, continuously. Think of it as an extruder technology with a single screw. The extruder machine comprises heating and cooling, extrusion, and transmission systems. 

Although the single screw extruder is the simplest type of industrial extruder, it is the fastest-developing type of extruder. The single-screw extruder machine works slowly, making it ideal for creating secondary profiles with small dimensions. 

Other features are that it is not self-cleaning, and due to its long residence time, it also works great for pellet extrusion. Other applications are the production of sheets, plates, and profiles.


Twin Screw Extrusion Machine


The twin-screw extruder is the type of multi-screw extruder that has advanced the most over recent years, and its uses are expanding significantly. Also, these machines have gained popularity, replacing older production methods in the extrusion of aluminum and PVC profile.

A  twin-screw extruder has different designs (co-rotating, counter-rotating, non-intermeshing/intermeshing). The screw design has a significant effect on the twin screw's level of operational efficiency.

There can be a single screw, a pair of screws, or even three screws in the feed section of the barrel. The choice between a single screw extruder machine and a twin-screw extruder might be particularly challenging if you are new in the game, and these extruding technologies come at a cost, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each option before making a final purchase decision.


How Do I Choose An Extruder Machine 


Take Away


The type of extruder you need depends on the material, function, and shape. If your extrusion business is growing, you can use a manually controlled extruder. However, you will need a  larger and more complex extruder machine to meet production needs. 

The future of extruder machines shows promise thanks to the growing demand for greener, more sustainable production equipment. These trends will give way to even more advanced extruder machine types. Wangeshi is here to help you search for the extruder machine that best suits your production needs. We offer high-efficiency, low-energy consumption extruder machines for various applications.