What is an Extruder Machine Used For?

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Although you might not realize it, extruder machines are among the top technologies that greatly impact your life. You likely interact with products made by extruder machines daily. The technology is primarily utilized in making aluminum products for construction, aviation, automotive, and other industries. Aluminum products like door frames, windows, car parts, aircraft parts, foils, and beverage cans can be made using aluminum extrusion.

A recent study showed that the global aluminum extrusion market grew to more than $90 billion in 2022 and projected strong growth over the next decade. As a trailblazing aluminum extrusion press manufacturer, Wangeshi is among the stakeholders of the aluminum extrusion industry, poised to benefit massively from this growth. 

Considering the critical role aluminum extrusion plays in your daily life, you likely have many questions about extruder machines and the industry as a whole. Keep reading for insights into aluminum extruders. 

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What is an Aluminum Extruder? 


An aluminum extrusion press is a machine that converts aluminum billets into various profiles/products using pressure and steel dies. Firstly, the aluminum billets and the steel dies have to be preheated to a specified temperature, commonly between 350-450 degrees Celsius.

The hot die is placed on the machine, and the hot billets are fed to the container. The machine then pushes the hot billets through the die to create the desired aluminum profile. Generally, its works similarly to squeezing toothpaste out of a toothpaste tube.

The newly developed aluminum profiles are quickly subjected to controlled quenching/cooling. The cooling process ensures that the freshly created products acquire standard mechanical properties and material structure.

The aluminum products are then stretched to remove internal tensions as part of the strengthening process. Once strengthened, the aluminum profiles can be cut to customer specifications and packaged.


What are the Advantages of Aluminum Extrusions? 


The primary reason that aluminum products made with extruder machines are so popular is because of their numerous benefits, such as; 

·         Robust and lightweight: Although aluminum products are not as strong as their steel counterparts, they are strong enough for most applications. Additionally, they weigh much less compared to steel products. This outstanding strength-to-weight ratio makes it a perfect replacement for other metals where weight is a concern, such as in construction, automotive, and construction applications. 

·         Corrosion resistance:  Unlike most other metals, aluminum naturally forms a passivation layer that prevents the rest of the metal from rusting when exposed to the elements. As a result, aluminum extrusions are widely used in settings with high humidity/water, where good corrosion resistance is necessary. Such settings include outdoors, wet surfaces, and marine environments.

·         Cost and formability: Aluminum is significantly cheaper than competing metals like titanium and copper. This makes it favorable for low-cost fabrications. Moreover, aluminum extrusion is a quick and efficient process that enables the creation of simple and complex shapes. 

·         High electrical conductivity: The electrical conductivity of aluminum is impeccable. This makes extruded aluminum wires and cables highly desirable for small electronics and high-voltage transmission wires. Aluminum transmission wires are the industry standard since the metal is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and affordability compared to copper.

·         High thermal conductivity: Aluminum's ability to conduct heat rapidly makes it highly favorable for cookware and heat sinks. Moreover, some fire-fighting departments utilize large extruded aluminum structures to help manage temperatures during fires, thanks to their high thermal conductivity.

·         Variety of surface finishes: Aluminum profiles can easily be made to have various surface finishes during extrusion. These surface finishes can enhance the corrosion resistance and cosmetic appearance of aluminum products. For instance, extruded aluminum products can be anodized or powder-coated. 


Is an Aluminum Extruder Right for You?


As an enterprise dealing with aluminum products or projects that require aluminum products, an aluminum extrusion press is a must-have as it offers numerous benefits. These machines make functional, durable, and aesthetically pleasing aluminum products at a lower cost than alternatives. Moreover, you can customize your product designs with no limitations. 

Do you need reliable aluminum extruder machines? Look no further than Wangeshi. This company has more than 18 years of experience making aluminum extrusion presses.

So far, they have sold over 88,000 extruder machines to clients from all industries, including JMA, Weiye Group, Fenglu Aluminum, and Wacang. Our extruder machines feature the latest technologies, giving them high automation, high efficiency, and low energy consumption.