Introduction to Wangeshi 25MN Aluminum Extruder Machine

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With an aluminum extruder innovated from the 15MN predecessor, Wangeshi now brings the 25MN to the market strengthened with new setups, creating benchmarking levels of accuracy, efficiency, and productivity involved in the extrusion of aluminum profiles.

This new range of equipment breaks barriers for application in the most demanding conditions: from automotive parts to new energy vehicle parts, solar photovoltaic system frames and building materials to extremely demanding aerospace and military projects. Now let us take a sneak peek into a few features of 25MN that easily make it the market leader for Aluminum Extrusion Press.

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Unmatched Versatility

Essentially, this defines the 25MN as quantifying; it is a part from the majority of other machines of the same niche market. The extrusion press force capability on a MN20 is shockingly expensive: from a relatively diminutive 600 tons to a mighty 20,000 tons, tailorable to what a manufacturer needs for central first purchase—ensuring they have always got the right tool for any job profile complexities or material strengths.


Precision Meets Speed

Most extruders are operated upon the need for a tradeoff between speed and accuracy, yet the 25MN defiles that limitation. An art of ingenious designing ensures the 25MN delivers hairline precision with a controllable extrusion speed accuracy of an astonishing 0.1mm.

That's consistently obtaining the right profile dimensions even under high production volumes. That is a level of accuracy manufacturers working under tight tolerances and stern quality standards can't do without.


Built to Last

The 25MN is built to be reliable—it won't stand for anything less. With the most rigorous testing procedures and even user feedback, one of the most common things is heard about it, and it boasts quite a low failure per machine ratio.

This means that downtime is really reduced in looking after the machine with its damage, thus providing maximum production time and output to manufacturers.


Efficiency Enhancement

Keeping up with the pace of today's manufacturing world requires time management. The 25MN machine is well aware of this necessity. Its design integrates features that promote response times for equipment, resulting in operations and a significant increase in production efficiency.

Whether you are racing against the clock or striving to maximize output the 25MN provides the tools you need to reach your targets.


Boosting Productivity by Reducing Downtime

Downtime during production can be a setback leading to resource wastage and impeding productivity. The 25MN addresses this issue by incorporating a design that minimizes downtime, allowing for utilization of production capacity during peak periods and ultimately enhancing efficiency significantly.


Embracing Practices with the DFEN System

At Wangeshi, sustainability is at the core of their design principles. The innovative DFEN system integrated into the 25MN machine reflects this commitment. While specific details about this system remain undisclosed by Wangeshi industry experts speculate that it includes features such as;

Data Acquisition and Feedback (DF): Real time monitoring of parameters like temperature, pressure and flow rates during extrusion processes for data driven optimization and ensuring product quality.

Energy Recovery (EN): These systems capture the heat produced during extrusion. Use it to warm billets or for other applications resulting in notable energy conservation.

Noise Reduction (N): Methods like custom hydraulic systems or materials that reduce sound can help create a quieter working atmosphere.

Together these attributes aid in establishing an eco-manufacturing process enabling businesses to harmonize their activities with environmental objectives.