Green Growth: A Major Development Trend of The Aluminum Profile Industry in The Future

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Green growth is a major development trend of the aluminum profile industry in the future. Even though aluminum is deemed a ‘green metal’ because it’s recyclable to a great degree, it still consumes more energy and resources and, on the other hand, is a pollutant as well.


The good news is that players in the industry aren’t blind to these effects and are taking important steps to cut down the negative consequences of aluminum production and promote green development.


The fact that green development is necessary for the long-term survival of the aluminum profile industry doesn’t need insistence. If the industry is to become more sustainable while providing opportunities for all, environmental pressures have to be addressed.


Benefits of Green Development for the Aluminum Profile Industry


First off, the aluminum profile industry relies on a number of finite resources and energy. There’s only like 7% aluminum in this crusty pie we call Mother Earth. Failure to switch to green practices only hastens the roll into eventual doom, and bang goes the ability to seize opportunities.


As for businesses, never forget that consumers have taken the sustainable living message to heart and are now prioritizing brands that show an effort for environmental conservation. The surest way to stay ahead of the competition now is by offering ‘green products.’


Green development and sustainable production are saving. Just think about it: sustainable production is all about conserving resources and reducing waste. That means adopting energy efficient production methods and ensuring there are no spills or harmful emissions that will cost a lot of cleanup work.


Ultimately, focusing on green development helps streamline production processes and make them more efficient, and here’s a look at how this is being done.


Green Production Standards

The most important way for the aluminum profile industry to promote green development is via the adoption of standards, and let’s just say there is no shortage of ISO and ASTM standards to consider. Here are examples.


     ISO 14001. This international standard provides the framework and criteria for companies to measure and improve their environmental impact. Establishing an effective environmental management system can help assure stakeholders and employees.

     LEED. Getting a LEED certification on your aluminum profile factory is also a good way to show your care for the environment. LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and is awarded to buildings that meet a set of design, construction, maintenance, and operation ratings.

     EMAS. This eco-management and audit scheme is for European companies, and it inspects and provides recommendations for improving environmental performance and the efficient use of resources.


Technological Advancements

We cannot ignore the importance of technological innovation for green growth and sustainable production in the industry. Aluminum profile manufacturers are always on the lookout for new technologies to help reduce energy consumption, waste emission, and promote overall efficiency.


Some of the technological advancements worth mentioning include:


     Energy-saving melting furnaces. These aluminum melting and holding furnaces use advanced technology such as high frequency electromagnetic induction, oxyfuel combustion, variable frequency drives, refractory materials, and other features to melt aluminum using less energy than traditional furnaces

     Closed loop recycling system. This technology allows the recycling of aluminum, reducing the need for fresh bauxite.

     Powder coating. Aluminum fabrication is often followed by secondary services such as surface treatment, with powder coating being the most eco-friendly option since it doesn’t use solvents hence no volatile organic compounds.


Circular Economy

Apart from standards and technological innovation, the aluminum profile industry is also undergoing a transition into a circular economy that will see optimal use of resources and minimized waste.


Some of the implementations that are helping with these transitions include focusing on recyclability during product design and development, partnering with recycling mills, and offering take-back programs to collect products from customers at the end of their lifecycle so they don’t end up in landfills.


To summarize, green development is a matter of utmost importance for the continued sustainability of the aluminum profile industry. There are already several measures to help promote green development in the industry, including establishing standards, promoting new technology, and the transition into a circular economy.


Focusing on green development and sustainability will help your aluminum factory become more efficient and allow you to continue taking advantage of opportunities in the industry. If you are ready to switch to efficient aluminum extrusion solutions, give us a call so we can introduce you to our machineries.