Aluminum extrusion machine is an essential key equipment in the production of aluminum profiles

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Since the aluminum extrusion machine entered the Chinese market in the early 1980s, after years of development and precipitation, China has now become a major producer and consumer of aluminum extrusion machines in the world, and the aluminum extrusion machine industry has shown rapid development. situation. According to the 2018-2023 "China Aluminum Extrusion Machine Market Research Report", the scale of China's aluminum extrusion machine market continues to grow, and is expected to reach 40 billion yuan by 2023, and the market demand will rise steadily.

Judging from the current aluminum extrusion machine market, the number of aluminum extrusion machine manufacturers and product suppliers is increasing day by day. Due to differences in product quality, technical content and after-sales service, the market competition is gradually becoming fiercer. On the one hand, some well-known manufacturers of aluminum extrusion machines have joined together to keep warm, integrate brand advantages, share resources, and reduce production costs and increase market share through large-scale procurement and technical cooperation; on the other hand, some technologically innovative Enterprises are also constantly developing innovative products, trying to take advantage of technology to improve competitiveness.

At the same time, changes in supply and demand in the aluminum extrusion machine market are also factors that affect the market for aluminum extrusion machines. From the perspective of demand, with the development of construction, transportation, metallurgy, electronics and other fields, the application fields of aluminum profiles continue to expand, which puts forward higher quality and efficiency requirements for the aluminum extrusion machine market; from the supply On the one hand, due to the impact of environmental protection policies and the overcapacity of the aluminum industry, the problem of overcapacity in the aluminum extrusion machine industry has gradually emerged. However, with policy adjustments and changes in the market environment, market supply and demand will continue to be rationalized, and the industry will show a long-term healthy development trend.

Development trend of aluminum extrusion machine industry

Although the current aluminum extrusion machine market is affected by various factors, the overall trend is still positive. The future of the aluminum extrusion machine industry can be analyzed from the following aspects:

The technical level is constantly improving. With the digitalization and informatization upgrade of traditional industries, new engineering technologies such as intelligent manufacturing and flexible production will be widely used in the field of aluminum extrusion machine manufacturing. The introduction of new equipment or new application technology will increase production efficiency and reduce production costs, and will also help promote technological upgrading and innovation in the aluminum extrusion machine industry.

Industry concentration tends to increase. As the market environment changes, there are more and more types of aluminum profiles, and some small-scale aluminum extrusion machine manufacturers with insufficient technical strength will face greater competitive pressure. Enterprises with larger scale and higher technical level have the opportunity to expand their market share and target the new application market.

Facing the new needs of the "new economy". In recent years, with the rapid development of the "new economy", the aluminum extrusion machine industry also needs to adjust to new demands. For example, the development of automobiles, aerospace, high-speed railways, new energy and other fields will generate continuous demand for the aluminum extrusion machine industry; in addition, the rise of emerging industries such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things will also increase Machine industry brings new opportunities.

Generally speaking, the development prospect of the aluminum extrusion machine industry is still good. Although there are certain problems in the market demand and competition situation of the industry, with the changes in the market environment and the advancement of technological innovation, the aluminum extrusion machine industry will still maintain a healthy development trend in the future.