Why Choose Wangeshi 36MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Equipment?

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High-efficiency aluminum extrusion equipment is necessary if you want to produce accurate metal parts. Aluminum is lightweight, durable, and easy to work with; hence, the need for the quality of aluminum profiles is increasing as the industry develops and many new extrusion businesses arise.


The market demands call for something more than conventional aluminum extrusion equipment. Our high-efficiency equipment is suitable for your aluminum extrusion process for several reasons. You can produce high-precision parts at high speed. The final products have more precise dimensions.


Also, the surface of your finished aluminum extrusions is high quality as this equipment allows an improved cutting process, hence smooth parts. You can also cut down the product’s cost and save on time when you use Wangeshi 36MN high-efficiency equipment. Additionally, the sector of high-end profiles can use the energy-efficient, high-efficiency aluminum extrusion machine that our company independently innovated.


Through consistent innovation, Wangeshi has committed to finding new ways to meet the demands of aluminum profile producers worldwide.

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Wangeshi 36MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Equipment: What Is It?

High-end aluminum profiles, including those used in solar, new electric vehicles, and automotive lightweight, can benefit from Wangeshi aluminum extrusion equipment.


They are used in aerospace, building materials, military, and solar frames.

36MN parameters equipment for high-efficiency aluminum extrusion.

Extrusion press (600 to 25,000 tons).

Highly accurate graphs with variable (0.1MM) extrusion speed accuracy.

Mature form and little failure rate.

Rapid gear reaction and high productivity.

A lot less downtime.

A DFEN device that can be used to reduce consumption, noise, and power usage.

Advanced automation and intelligent manufacturing, reducing the need for operators and security people.

The entire line of aluminum extrusion.

Component of 36MN equipment for high-efficiency aluminum extrusion.

Machine for extruding barrels quickly.

The aluminum extrusion system may increase extruding efficiency, shorten the time you take to change the extruding rod, and quickly interchange it. It is important to note that all items can be created using extrusion machine structures and methods, including forward, reverse, double action, and single action extrusion processes, as well as short-stroke front rod feeding, short-stroke rear rod feeding, and long-stroke rear rod feeding.


The Importance of the Extrusion Process

The extrusion process's purpose is to form a mass aluminum material by forcing it through a die aperture that matches the end product's profile. Extruders are the tools you require to use in the process.

For a clear understanding, visualize how you squeeze toothpaste from its tube. Did you know the extrusion method was also used to create the plastic or aluminum tube? What are the critical elements of the aluminum extrusion procedure, and why is it popular in several industries?


The History

Joseph Bramah, an English inventor, received a patent for extrusion to produce pipes in 1797. Lead was heated to a sufficiently soft metal and forced through a die with a manually driven plunger. But, although the same inventor of the hydraulic press had created it two years earlier, Thomas Burr was the first to suggest using a hydraulic press to move the plunger. This procedure was expanded to include brass and copper alloys in 1894. Midway through the 20th century, refractory alloys, steel, nickel, titanium, and aluminum alloy extrusion technologies were developed.


Why Should I Choose Extruders from Wangeshi?

Many settings and industries employ aluminum because it is affordable and adaptable. Aluminum is used in everything from everyday consumer goods to sophisticated aeronautical systems. Additionally, aluminum has a high degree of formability, making it simple and reasonably priced to shape even into intricate shapes.

When you take into account the benefits of aluminum as a metal and the benefits of extrusion forming, you get an outstanding combination of advantages: An aluminum extruder is the most critical component in an aluminum extrusion facility, so ensure you select an expert extruder if you want to succeed in the business.

Do you wish to offer top-notch aluminum profiles that precisely match the demands of your clients? For various industries, including the military, construction, and aerospace, Wangeshi offers aluminum extruders:



1. Technological Advancement

High-end aluminum profiles, including those used in solar, new electric vehicles, and automotive lightweight, are the main applications for Wangeshi aluminum extrusion equipment. They are used in aerospace, building materials, military, and solar frames.


2. Improved Efficiency

Extruders can face some challenges during a high-speed extrusion process. A long tool life span is one of them. Conventional extruders can easily get dull or broken when working with aluminum because of their unique physical qualities. In the past, extruders with tools that can withstand high speed and intricate extrusion processes were hard to come by. However, thanks to Wangeshi's modern technology engineering and production methods, you can readily invest in a high-efficiency extruder like the 36MN. This top-notch equipment guarantees beautifully finished parts so your tools can do the job considerably longer, and you won't need to cut or replace them.


3. Advanced Models

Technology-wise, Wangeshi offers innovative extruders. This means that while producing aluminum extrusions, you obtain premium performance. The extruders support manufacturing by being quick, precise, and effective. They are also highly automated to save money and utilize less energy. Superior manufacturing is ensured by intelligent production, which promotes productivity.


4. Quality

Wangeshi consistently strives to develop high-quality aluminum profiles, and innovation is our main engine for growth. We consistently uphold the principle of "expanding the market with quality and developing the brand with integrity," insist on innovation, and provide unmatched service. Wangeshi products will also continue to adapt to the growth of aluminum profile suppliers and the new trends in machinery.


When doing high-speed productions, your metal can quickly overheat, leading to flawed end products or other damages. Our equipment has an efficient cooling system which you can easily control to avoid this. One way you can improve the efficiency of your high-efficiency extruder is by Keeping a steady flow of coolant in the cutting tool so that your parts maintain the appropriate temperature and are well-lubricated. This is another benefit of the aluminum profile extrusion machine.


Our high-efficiency equipment is the best way to achieve more successful outcomes; high-quality parts to meet your customers' specific design requirements. It guarantees product quality, precision, and stability. As a result, the machine has an outstanding track record from consumers.


Allows Customization

For a successful aluminum extrusion business, you should be able to meet all your customer's demands. Extruders can benefit from equipment that allows them to produce even the most intricate designs that are challenging to achieve while using standard extruders.  The Wangeshi 36MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Equipment has a high degree of flexibility and customization efficiency.

Improved Production Rate

Using our equipment, you meet your business's high production rate requirements and produce precise parts specifically suited to various application demands, improving productivity while reducing cost. This extruder also allows you to produce sturdy, lightweight products suitable for many uses. Our team is available to check on your 36MN high-efficiency extruder in case any operation issues arise to ensure your consistent production rate.


High-Level Expertise

Wangeshi has been a key player in the aluminum extrusion equipment market for over two decades. Our extensive experience in the field, as well as our adequately equipped experts, ensure we provide you with cutting-edge equipment as we keep up with the emerging trends in this market. Our experts are innovative and have the skill set to face any arising high-efficiency equipment challenges.


Energy Saving

Our 36MN high-efficiency extruder enables you to enjoy the benefits of an energy-saving extrusion process. This can have a significant impact if your business involves large-scale production of intricate parts. It is innovatively designed as a more sustainable option than its conventional counterparts. Additionally, it is made using optimum quality components, which also help extruders save energy costs and boost productivity.


Allows Easy Cutting Temp Control

One of the main factors that determine the efficiency of an extrusion process is the cutting tool's temperature. Aluminum is suitable for extrusion as it is versatile and easy to work with. This allows you to easily control cut temperature during the process to produce precise parts. You should carefully consider elements like coolant flow and feed rate as they affect the cutting temperature.


We Keep Up with Emerging Trends

The Wangeshi 36MN high-efficiency aluminum extrusion equipment is your best bet if you want to meet the customer demands in the current aluminum extrusion market. Our experts are dedicated to extensive research on the changing requirements and challenges of the extrusion process to develop high-speed equipment to help extruders in large-scale aluminum extrusion production for use in the construction industry and other sectors.


Guaranteed Customers Satisfaction

Wangeshi is the way to go if you are looking for a high-efficiency equipment supplier that values your business goals. Our equipment is the right move to keep your extrusion business booming, as our team will provide you with an enjoyable customer experience from the initial purchase stage to delivery and any required repairs or maintenance.


Important Elements of High-Efficiency Extruder Accuracy

The spindle - This is an important element of a high-efficiency extruder as it affects the product's precision.

Cutting Speed - The extruder deforms parts through heat application. High cutting speed during extrusion produces higher frictional heat, which raises the temperatures of your parts.

Cutting force - This element is determined by the equipment's cutting power and its dynamic properties. High-efficiency extruders cut deeply as they generate high cutting force, which leads to a vibration of the cutter. The part is then deformed due to vibrations towards the cutting force.

The clamping component- This device of an extruder has a significant impact on the preciseness of your parts. The rigidness of your extruder will determine the accuracy of the final products. For high precision, ensure the part you are working on is appropriately fastened or placed.


How Do I Choose the Best High-Efficiency Extruder?

The ideal high-efficiency equipment for your extrusion process boils down to the parts you plan to extrude, the production rate and speed, and the complexity of the parts you intend to work on. For instance, occasional production will need different equipment than a daily one.


At Wangeshi, we offer a variety of high-efficiency extruders. However, the choice of the equipment specifications is yours to make. An example of a consideration worth making is that an indirect extruder is more efficient than a direct one as it is more beneficial in terms of efficiency as it generates less friction throughout the manufacturing process.


Whether you are planning to buy the Wangeshi 36MN high-efficiency aluminum extrusion equipment or any other high-efficiency extruder machine, you will need prior financial planning. An important consideration while budgeting is that a die can add extra cost to the final price of an extruder.


We are here to help you with any inquiries concerning the cost. Also, ensure that you have everything sorted regarding storage space and operating conditions in your facility. Some crucial questions are: Does my facility have the ideal electric requirements? What are the safety requirements of handling an extruder? Additionally, ensure you add installation fees while planning your budget.


Wangeshi High-Efficiency Aluminum Extruders

The future of Wangeshi's aluminum Extruders looks bright as we continue to work on meeting the demand of existing and upcoming sectors for high-efficiency and sustainable production processes. Our extensive research and constant progress in the aluminum extrusion equipment field will enhance the process.

We combine 3D printing with traditional metal casting techniques so that we can enable the production of even more intricate and unique designs. We look forward to new equipment innovations to meet the demand for highly precise and complex parts for sectors like the medical industry and robotics.

Our high-efficiency equipment is tailored to fulfill the growing need for eco-friendly production. The aluminum extrusion is eco-friendly since it makes less trash and uses reclaimed materials.

Take Away

Regarding production efficiency, cost, product quality, and customization, aluminum profile extrusion machines generally have much to offer. We at Wangeshi give more attention to client satisfaction and technological innovation. We are dedicated to providing customers with effective, high-quality, customized aluminum extrusion machine services to satisfy their expanding needs. We have cutting-edge intelligent production equipment.


Aluminum extruders from Wangeshi are rapid, energy-efficient, and highly automated. To ensure that consumers are satisfied, the machines are of excellent quality and are configurable. Contact us today to order the aluminum extruder your company needs to operate effectively.