Why Choose Wangeshi 36MN High-efficiency Aluminum Extrusion Equipment?

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In our increasingly fast-paced industrial age, knowing which equipment to use can make or break your business. Therefore, when searching for aluminum extrusion equipment, come and check out Wangeshi’s excellent Section 36MN High-efficiency Aluminize Extrusion.

With its consistent new and cutting-edge features that come with it, you won’t regret having the 36MN Extrusion Equipment. Wangeshi will help you forge your way into an innovative and modern era of aluminum manufacturing. Curious to learn the 8 reasons why you should consider getting this equipment for your operations?


Automation and Intelligent Production

The high degree of automation and smart manufacturing functions offered by Wangeshi’s 36MN equipment makes possible for you a greater concentration of value and improved product quality.

How does this help you? It means that you don’t have to manually intervene at many points in the process as in the past. With high degrees of automation, the machine can complete large numbers of complicated operations required for processing raw materials, reducing the need for skilled labor and maintenance personnel.

In addition, the AI-driven manufacturing system will dynamically and continuously adjust operational parameters at the sensor level to achieve optimal performance and productivity.

This real time predictive approach to production management can slash production losses due to maintenance or downtime, which will have a major impact on efficiency and productivity. If you can fulfil your orders and meet your deadlines more reliably than your rivals, it will place you in a winning position.

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Efficiency Redefined

In this business – as in all others – the trend is towards increased efficiency. Competition is simply too intense for cost efficiency to be neglected. This is where Wangeshi’s equipment really shines.

It has been designed to primarily optimize the extrusion process, whether that be the heating or cooling stages, thus minimizing energy usage and maximizing output all at a reduced cost.

Furthermore, modular equipment design and user-friendly interface, allow operators to quickly and intuitively learn manuals and conduct operations, changing settings, viewing performance statistics and possible troubleshooting on the fly.


Energy Conservation

With our energy efficient design, you won’t have to suffer the nightmare of maintaining massive energy-devouring machines – your bills will dramatically decrease.36 MN’s latest equipment is built with the best energy saving technology so as to minimize the amount of energy employed in driving processes. Its heating speed exemplifies the seeker’s superb performance in the energy-saving design as a whole.


Moreover, the energy management system within the equipment is designed to run more efficiently depending on the volume of production required at any point in time, automatically adapting settings to use as little power as possible while still maintaining performance. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint; in the long term it represents a cost saving, too.


Leakage Prevention

Trolling oil leakage is one the common issues of the traditional extrusion machine. Nevertheless, 36MN model breaks the design mold with its revolutionary and out-of-box design.

The machine is equipped with advanced sealing mechanisms and high precision engineering which does not allows any oil leakage hence, reduces the risk of product contamination and cleaning which might be costly.

Moreover, the equipment's sealed lubrication system necessitates a minimum maintenance and the replacement of previous oil changes in order to decrease downtime and operating expenses to the minimum. Thanks to Wangeshi's design features – leakproof – you can devote yourself to production without any thinking of environmental hazards or operation disruptions.


Precision Engineering

In aluminum extrusion, precision is a must. All our machines are designed to be very precise. Variation of dimensions and quality in each extruded profile is at a minimal level. Control systems, different manufacturing stages and sophisticated processes ensure that. Our machines can process parts reaching an even the most demanding precision requirement from our customers.

Also, precision is continuously maintained during production by using smart control systems that monitor production data in real time and provide corrective feedback to adjust for machine deviations. Be it a single profile or thousands of small components, expect the best from Wangeshi.


Durability and Reliability

Purchasing equipment for the long haul requires getting hard-working kit that really wears out. Wangeshi’s 36MN comes in a rugged construction with quality components not typically found in most ‘cheap’ offerings, hence Wangeshi equipment can be operated reliably day in and day out until it wears out, be it in a high-output production line or specialized one off project.

In addition, we maintain strict quality control procedures and rigorous testing regimes so that every machine leaves our factory coolers than you get from other brands! Thanks to Wangeshi’s durable and reliable equipment, your downtime will be minimal, your maintenance costs will be lower and the productivity of your machine will continue to be high for many years.


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

When you obtain an equipment from Wangeshi, you obtain a promise from us! We are a customer-centric organization that provide after-sales service to ensure your success. From installations, trainings, service maintenance, to technical assistance, we assure you of the best customer care at all times. Your satisfaction is our success.

Moreover, we are answering our clients’ inquiries 24/7 by our live chat technical support personnel. When a problem occurs, the client will get a solution as fast as possible, with minimum downtime. Wangeshi strives to be your partner in success.