Tips on Setting Up an Aluminum Extrusion Production Line

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Considering the extensive use of aluminum extrusions in various sectors, they are a valuable product and it would make sense to enter the market as a manufacturer. These extrusions are used to make a wide range of products and you will find them in industries like architecture, construction, medical and household appliances. If you are looking to set up an aluminum extrusion production line, here are several tips to help you along the way.


Decide on Your Area of Specialization

It goes without saying that setting up any business requires you to think about the specific operation you will be involved in. In the case of aluminum extrusion, you need to decide whether you will be doing aluminum extrusion only or include other operations as well like surface treatment.

The more the operations, the more the space you will need and the more labor and equipment will be involved.

If you decide to have a plant that does all things regarding aluminum extrusion, from melting to extrusion to surface treatment, you will need adequate space for these tasks.

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Power Source for Your Plant

You also need to think about the amount of power your production line will need. You need a power source that can support the energy requirements of the different extrusion tools you will be using. Therefore, as you check out different spaces to set up your aluminum extrusion production line keep in mind that the ideal facility is one that can meet your power needs.


Settle for Quality Equipment

The importance of using quality equipment can never be overemphasized. It is better to spend money on high grade aluminum extrusion machines that will last long and provide high quality results than settling for cheaper options that will eventually cost you more in the end.

As you look into different aluminum extrusion equipment then go for those made with quality, durable components.

Compare prices from various manufacturers and find tools that fit your budget. Having proper equipment gets your aluminum extrusion business off on the right track.


Choose the Right Aluminum or Alloy Grade

As mentioned before, aluminum extrusions are used in a variety of fields, be it automotive, medical, or aerospace, etc. You cannot make all kinds of extrusions. Once you decide your area of specialization, it becomes easier to choose the right aluminum or alloy grade for your production line.

The type of aluminum you choose depends on what you will be making. For example, if you intend to make aluminum extrusions like beams for construction, you will need an aluminum grade that is strong enough to carry the load.

If you have decided to manufacturer extrusions used to make products that carry less weight like chairs and office work tables then you might not need aluminum that is as tough as that used to make construction extrusions.


Production Cost

As you set up your aluminum extrusion product line, you also need to think about the cost of manufacturing. That way, you are able to better gauge the price of your extrusions. Every commercial entity sets out to make profit to stay in business and the last thing you want is to incur losses because you did not estimate the cost of production correctly.

The cost of production should include the cost of raw materials, the cost of labor, how sophisticated the extrusion dies are, and shipping costs.


Decide on the Surface Treatment Method to Employ

Yes, aluminum is corrosion resistant, but it does not hurt to have it treated to enhance its longevity. If you decide that your production line will include making aluminum extrusions and also offering surface treatment, then you need to decide which surface treatment you will be offering.

Common finishes manufacturers utilize on aluminum extrusions include powder coating and anodizing. Some facilities use different finishes to meet varying client needs.


Quality Checking

With adequate space for your plant, high quality equipment, choosing a suitable aluminum grade, working out the production cost, and deciding which surface treatment method to use, you also want to ensure you have proper quality control mechanisms in place.

You do not want to sell clients aluminum extrusions with defects or wrong specifications. The first step of manufacturing is just as vital as the rest of the stages including quality control.


Waste Management 

As a professional, environment conscious production line, you want to ensure that your aluminum extrusion facility has proper waste management practices in place. You have great space for your plant, the least thing you can do is ensure responsible manufacturing by reducing wastage and taking care of the surrounding environment.

Setting up an aluminum extrusion production line is a huge investment so you have no choice but to get it right the first time you venture into this business.

Ensure you have the space you need to fit your production line, purchase high quality equipment, figure out the cost of production, put in place quality control measures and conduct responsible manufacturing processes.